No Contract Extension

The biggest item on the Loudon County school board's agenda Thursday was consideration of a one year extension to director Wayne Honeycutt's employment contract. The motion failed and no extension was granted.

Board member Gary Ubben, was the first to broach the topic by first saying he had heard from several people that other board members had made a plan to vote Honeycutt out and replace him tonight with one of our principals. Board chairman, Scott Newman, told Ubben those were serious charges and asked if he had any evidence or witnesses to support his charges. Ubben replied no. Ubben went on to make a motion for a one year contract extension for Mr. Honeycutt. Board member Leroy Tate seconded the motion. Chairman Newman called for a roll call vote.

Voting for the extension were Tate, Ubben and Bill Marcus. Voting no were Bobby Johnson Jr., Scott Newman, Lisa Russell, Craig Simon and myself. Newly elected board member William Jenkins abstained stating that since this was his first meeting he didn't feel he had enough information to cast a vote. Honeycutt made no comment after the vote.

The vote effectively puts the director on notice that he will not be retained when his contract expires on June 30th, 2011.