DA says no charges will be filed in deadly Lenoir City shooting

LENOIR CITY, Tenn. (WVLT) - The District Attorney General for the ninth district has released more information in the shooting death of a Lenoir City man that occurred on October 22.

Officers say Taylor Johnson shot and killed Michael Brown at the Rambling Acres Mobile Home Park.

According to the investigation, Brown and Johnson were involved in a drug deal earlier in the evening when Johnson backed out of the deal. Investigators say Brown and other people followed Johnson back to Johnson's house.

That's where an argument occurred and officers say Johnson tried to walk away, going into his bedroom, when officers say Brown forced himself in with a knife. The investigation says Johnson fired a shot but it missed.

Brown's friend, Timothy Lane, tried to pull Brown back down the hallway but he broke loose and went into the bedroom for a second time.

Johnson shot a second time, killing Brown.

Authorities say the investigation is still pending a toxicology report from Brown as well as a final autopsy.

No charges in Lenoir City shooting

(WBIR) The Lenoir City Police Department says it will not be pressing charges right now in the shooting death of a Lenoir City man.

On October 22, police say Taylor Johnson shot and killed Michael Brown, 33, inside Johnson's home in the Rambling Acres Trailer Park.

The department and the District Attorney General say the shooting happened when Brown followed Johnson home after he backed out of a drug deal. They say Brown forced his way into the home, and Johnson tried to lock himself in the bedroom, but Brown forced his way in there too.

Police say Brown had a knife and Johnson shot him once in the chest, killing him.

The case has been deemed self defense under the Stand Your Ground law.

Investigators are still waiting on final autopsy and lab results. They plan to present that evidence to the Loudon County Grand Jury when it meets in December for review.