No Violations

If you haven't already read the Grand Jury report, there were two important addendums to the report.

The first is pertaining to the investigation of the Loudon County Court Clerk's office. Back in July, a former Loudon County deputy clerk that claims she was improperly dismissed after witnessing violations of state and county policy in the clerk's office filed suit against Loudon County and her former boss.

Christy Russell filed the case in federal district court in Knoxville, according to her attorney, Katherine Young.

Russell contends she was improperly fired by County Clerk Darlene Russell, no relation, following the May primary election after expressing her support for another candidate for the clerk's office.

In the complaint, Christy Russell alleged that during her seven years in the clerk's office she witnessed violations of state and county policy that included acceptance of gifts, extra charges for marriage ceremonies, a ban on interracial marriages and violation of vehicle registration and transfer policies.

The complaint also states that Darlene Russell and other employees in the clerk's office were engaged in campaign activities during work hours. The lawsuit alleges that the improper activity in the clerk's office has been known to the county for years.

However according to the report below, no violations were found.

The second addendum had to do with allegations of misconduct in the Greenback Volunteer Fire Department. The Grand Jury found that there were no violations of criminal law.