No Cell Phones In Loudon County Schools
No Cell Phone Sign

At least that's the policy planned by the Loudon County Board of Education beginning in the next school year. At Thursday's board meeting, a motion was put forward by Ms. June Klinstiver and passed by the board to ban possession and use of cell phones during school hours. The resolution would also hand down stiff penalties for those students violating the policy, up to a three day confiscation of the students cell phone or pager.

Board members suggested that serious problems have risen in the schools related to personal communication devices including cheating on tests through text messaging. The resolution seems to have conflicting language as to the ban of the phones. The first paragraph states that "Students shall not use or have in view personal communicating devices......). However paragraph three states "Any teacher or staff member who discovers a student in possession of a personal communication device shall report the violation......). This appears to be two different prohibitions on the cell phones. According to board members, the ban will also include palm pilots

The board must vote on the matter a second time before the resolution becomes final. That vote will take place at the next BOE meeting in April. See proposal below.