No Budget Yet

With the July 1st statutory deadline well past, the Loudon County Board Of Education has still not adopted a budget to present to the commission for the 2009-2010 school year.

Director of schools, Wayne Honeycutt, has presented several budget proposals to the board but all have increased operating spending from a quarter million to a half million dollars and were rejected by the board.

The board is in the middle of implementing a thirty million dollar building program but commission can't commit to the building program till the board presents their operating budget. In order to move forward with the full phase I building program, the board needs to shift a few pennies to the debt service fund to help pay the debt service on the building program. If the board doesn't commit any funding to the debt service, the building program could be greatly curtailed and require the elimination of a large part of the building program.

The board has requested and the commission committed up to one million dollars for architectural plans for the proposed building plan.

The board will meet in a regularly scheduled workshop Thursday and it is expected the budget will be discussed.