No Blount County Dogs In Loudon County, Yet

Another hot item which made it's way to Monday's Loudon County Commission meeting agenda, was whether or not to start taking Blount County's stray and dropped off animals. As reported earlier, apparently Mayor Arp had made a deal with Blount County's Mayor to house their animals till such time they decide to take care of their own problem. Not all commissioners agreed with Arp's Blount County deal.

With no written agreement of any kind in hand and with Mayor Arp being absent from the meeting, it fell to Gordon Harless, EMA Director/Animal Shelter Manager/Convenience Center Manager, to explain the details of Arp's plan. Commissioners Maples, Gardin and Duff raised major concerns the Mayor's plan. Ultimately a vote was taken to reject the Blount plan. Only Maples, Duff and Gardin voted to reject. A second motion by Don Miller to send the matter back to the next commission work shop to iron out the details and bring it back to commission for another vote next month. That motion passed with only Maples and Duff voting no.

One member of the audience stated after the meeting that this was truly the "tail trying to wag the dog."

The Doggy Deal should be on the next commission workshop.