Niles Update

One of the questions I, and I'm sure other commissioners, get asked all the time is, how is it possible that an elected official, Lisa Niles, can sue the tax payers. As I've explained before, there is actually a 1921 law that allows her to do what she has done to the tax payers. Essentially, it's legalized extortion. I'm sure when the law was written, those legislators never dreamed that some day there would be an elected official like Ms. Niles who would use the law to punish her constituents the way she has. And rest assured, based on her history, if she gets re-elected, she'll do it again.

The same law that allowed her to sue also has a few other oddities in it. For instance, even though the case is being appealed to the state court, Ms. Niles is allowed to go ahead and hire the additional employees at the pay rate the judge set. Which means if she does hire more people, and the county is successful in the appeals process, Niles could have to fire those new employees and reduce others pay. What a mess she has created for every body.

We're just about a month away from three full years that Ms. Niles has been dragging the tax payers through the courts. Do the voters of Loudon County really deserve this? Do they really want four more years of this kind of foolishness?