Niles Refuses To Sign For Employee Raises

If you thought Loudon County Court Clerk, Lisa Niles, had hit the bottom of the barrel with her on going lawsuit against the tax payers of Loudon County, you would have been wrong. She has now taken it to a whole new low.

I reported Monday that commission was going to vote to give Ms. Niles employees the back raises she had been preventing. I included in that story a copy of the resolution we would be voting on. The resolution included a request that Ms. Niles sign a supplemental salary agreement acknowledging the payment to those employees. The resolution made it clear that signing the agreement would in no way impede her on going lawsuit but that the agreement simply allow the payments of the back raises to her employees and prevent an audit finding in next years audit. 

Would anybody be surprised to learn that Ms. Niles has refused to sign the agreement? The county attorney for the case received word Tuesday morning from Niles attorney that she WOULD NOT sign the agreement.

How do you process something like that?

She sued the county for thousands of dollars in more employees and higher salaries, she's cost the tax payers probably hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, she's prevented her employees from receiving their annual raises for three years and now she's refusing to sign a simple document acknowledging the payments to keep the county legal? What is wrong with this woman?

Just Monday night several of her employees showed up at the commission meeting to show their support for Ms. Niles, and this is how she repays them?

Unfortunately for Ms. Niles, her employees will get their back raises in spite of her efforts. The commission voted unanimously at Monday's meeting to pay all the employees their back raises regardless of whether Ms. Niles signed the agreement or not.

Ms. Niles, uncharacteristically, showed up at Monday's commission meeting to give a report on her departments revenues and activities. She painted a pretty rosy picture of how well her office is operating which begs the question, why did she sue the tax payers?

The law she has used to sue the tax payers clearly requires the office holder to show that the office can not be maintained properly due to the lack of employees or low pay. Here we are two years later and apparently her office is running in top efficiency according to Niles.

You have to wonder who is advising her in this matter. Maybe her attorney who expects to get paid no matter the outcome or maybe some other political cronies that really don't care about her political future? No matter, the outcome is the same whoever's pulling her strings.

Ms. Niles has clearly shown her total disregard to fellow elected officials, the tax payers and probably worst of all, her employees.

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