Niles, No Comment

Since September 2014 when Court Clerk, Lisa Niles, sued the tax payers of Loudon County, the News Herald has written no less than 13 stories in their paper about the lawsuit. Not one single time in any of these stories has Ms. Niles made any comment to the paper about the suit. Many of the stories contain the phrases,
  Niles could not be reached for comment. 4/8/15
Niles could not be reached for comment. 11/22/15
Niles declined comment 12/20/15
Niles declined comment 1/3/16
Niles could not be reached for comment 1/13/16
Niles declined comment 3/22/16
Same responses to the News Sentinel

I'm not blaming the News Herald's or News Sentinel reporters, they sure can't make Ms. Niles speak to them but wouldn't you think after all Ms. Niles has put the tax payers through she would want to explain to the voters why she has taken such action that will ultimately cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars? Doesn't she OWE the tax payers an explanation?

As a member of the county budget committee, I'm one of the few people who have actually heard Ms. Niles reasoning for what she's done. Essentially what it comes down to is she sued the county because she could.

Her arguments before two different budget committees for more staff and more money for her staff were shown, by her own documents, to be unfounded. While her workload has gone down and her department expenses have gone sky high since she took office, her argument for even more money and more staff just made no since. Her request was turned down by the previous budget committee and the current budget committee.

I'm sure the News Herald would and I guarantee you that I would give Ms. Niles all the print space she wants to explain herself to the tax payers. I for one would love to hear explanation.   

Obviously Ms. Niles, a servant of the people, feels she owes no one any explanations for her reckless actions. I guess that's her right but come re-election time in 2018, I'm betting Ms. Niles will have a lot of explaining to do.