Niles Gets A Raise

In what has to be the ultimate insult to injury, while court clerk Lisa Niles has prevented her 17 or so employees from receiving their annual raises for the last two years, Ms. Niles will get a hefty raise this year. In fact she will receive a $1,427.00 raise to her $70,263.00 annual salary. Fact of the matter is, this will be her second raise while preventing raises for her employees. In the 2014-2015 fiscal year, Niles got a $2,290.00 raise. Her 2016-2017 salary will now be $71,690.00.

You may be asking yourself, after what she has done to the tax payers and her employees, how could she get a raise? Sadly, the state of Tennessee mandates the minimum salaries for most county elected officials including Ms. Niles office.

Ms. Niles employees salaries range from around $21,000.00 to $38,000.00. For two years in a row, not one of them has received their 2% county raise due to Ms. Niles continuing legal action against the tax payers. Now that the first lawsuit was vacated and it's almost certain that Ms. Niles will be suing the tax payers again, her employees will, for the third year, be prevented from their raises all because of Ms. Niles.

To Ms. Niles employees, speaking for myself, I'm sorry you are being hurt by Ms. Niles actions. Unfortunately, by law, till she signs her salary agreement with the county, the commission can not pass along your hard earned, well deserved raises.

Maybe at some point, Ms. Niles will care what she's doing to her employees, the tax payers and the county.