Niles Files Suit

Less than a month after being re-elected by the voters of Loudon County, Circuit/General Sessions Court Clerk Lisa Niles, has filed a law suit against those very same voters.

Based on a state law that allows some elected officials to sue the county for more money than the was allocated to their department, Niles is suing the county for tens of thousands of dollars more than her current budget contains. The law suit is demanding six new employees @ $31,000.00 each and additional raises for the rest of two court's 18 employees.

Whether intentional or incompetently, the suit is ambiguous as to the total amount of money being requested but it appears the additional cost to the tax payers would be nearly a quarter of a million dollars. That's on top of her current budgets of nearly $900,000.00.

Adding insult to injury to the tax payers, Ms. Niles has hired a lawyer to take her case to court so of course the county will have to hire a lawyer to answer the suit and the tax payers have to pay the legal bills of both lawyers.

The previous county commission passed the new budget back in July that already included two new employees for Ms. Niles' offices and 2% raises for all county employees. 

It's really unfortunate that any elected official would so easily, and willingly waste the tax payers money on such frivolous legal action without even coming to the new commission to make their case.

I'll keep you posted as the process moves forward.  

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