Niles Costs

Lisa Niles At A Recent GOP Meeting Announcing Her
Intentions To Seek Re-Election. She Could Actually Be
Saying, Please Re-elect Me So I can Sue The County For
4 More Years.

While the lawsuit filed by Court Clerk, Lisa Niles in September 2014 is still ongoing, Much of the costs to the tax payers can be calculated now.

You may remember, if commission have caved to her original demands, the tax payers would have already have been out an additional 1.3 million dollars. That's why we had no option but to defend the tax payers in court. That's what it could have been. Here's where we're at now.

The judge gave her 4 new employees, except commission had already given her two. So in court she got two new employees. The judge also gave her the authority to pay the new employees, 3@ $25,500 and 1@ $32,000. That's $108,500. Add 17% Social Security, Medicare, Retirement for another $18,445. If all four new employees take family insurance, add another $56,000, 4@ $14,000.00.

The judge also gave her $50,000 to pay her employees any way she wants. This is being appealed by the county.

Legal fees for both sides, Niles attorney, $82,999, County attorney, $84,216. There's another $167,215. 

These are the amounts Ms. Niles demanded in the original lawsuit, September 2014

Annual Reoccurring Cost

These are the amounts given to Ms. Niles by the judge

4 New Employees  $108,500.00
17% SS Med Ret $18,445.00
Insurance @ 4  $56,000.00
Total From Judge $182,945.00 

In essence, the tax payers saved annual, reoccurring costs of more than a quarter million dollars by going to court and standing up to an out of control elected official, Lisa Niles. Sadly, the tax payers will pick up possible reoccurring costs of $183,000.00 because of an out of control elected official, Lisa Niles.

Just remember this when she comes around asking you to give her 4 more years.