Niles Appeal

September 2014, 2014, less than a month after being re-elected, Loudon County Circuit Court Clerk, Lisa Niles, sued Loudon County tax payers for additional employees and higher pay. September 2014! On February 20th 2018, the state appeals court will hear the case Niles brought against the Loudon County tax payers. This after she alone has cost the tax payers nearly $200,000.00 in legal fees.

Just really let that sink in. Here is an elected official, a public servant, who sought that office asking  the voters to give her that job so she could serve the tax payers. It appears Ms. Niles is all about serving herself far more than the tax payers.

I have no doubt Ms. Niles will sue again if re-elected. She's sued or threatened to every time she's been re-elected.

This is not an elected official who deserves the respect of the tax payers.