The Next Election

With the March primary election past, it's time to look to the August election. The August election will be a state primary and the county general election.

Both Loudon County Property Assessor, Mike Campbell, and General Sessions Judge, Hank Sledge, will appear on the ballot but both will be unopposed having won their respective primary bids in the March election.

The other local election that may generate more interest will be the school board elections. On this ballot will be the odd district seats 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th. More than half the board members seats will be up in this election.

Both 1st district members, Kenny Ridings, seat "A" and Scott Newman seat "B" will be seeking re-election. Two challengers, Justin Burnette and Christopher McConkey,  have picked up petitions to challenge Ridings. Newman is currently unopposed.

Incumbent 3rd district board member, Philip Moffett has filed to seek re-election. Former 3rd District school board member, Lisa Russell, had picked up a qualifying petition to run for that seat again but told me last week that after a lot of thought has decided not to run this time.

Things get a little strange in the 5th district. County maintenance supervisor, Brian Brown, has qualified to run for 5th district seat "A" currently held by Gary Ubben. Ubben had picked up a qualifying petition to seek re-election to seat "A". Shortly after Brown qualified, Ubben withdrew his petition for his current seat "A" position and picked up a petition for seat "B" which is currently held by Jeremy Buckles. Ubben either assumes he could more easily defeat Buckles or Ubben assumes Buckles doesn't intend to seek re-election. Buckles has not yet picked up a petition to seek re-election to seat "B". Two other candidates Blake Mckinley and Robert Dishner have picked up petitions to run against incumbent Ubben in seat "B".

Incumbent 7th district board member, Craig Simon has qualified to seek re-election.

Just as a reminder, last year several school board members voted for a multimillion dollar increase in their budget which would have required a twenty cent property tax increase. Fortunately, county commission derailed their plan.

Those school board members voting for the multimillion dollar increase and who are up for re-election in August are, 3rd District BOE member Phillip Moffett, 5th District members Gary Ubben & Jeremy Buckles and 7th District member Craig Simon

The only other local election is for Criminal Court Judge, 9th Judicial District (to fill term to expire August 31, 2022). the sole candidate currently is Jeff Wicks (Roane Co.)

The state primary will include, United States House of Representatives, 2nd District, incumbent Jimmy Duncan, State of Tennessee House of Representatives, 21st District, incumbent Jimmy Matlock and State of Tennessee House of Representatives, 32nd District, incumbent Kent Calfee.

Candidates for school board or any of the other positions on the August ballot have till 12:00 noon, April 7th, to file their petitions to qualify for the election.