The Next Election

With the May primary election behind us, it's time to start looking toward the next election, the August county general, state and federal primary. It'll be here before we turn around.

This will include all the county offices that were on the May primary plus four school board seats, state senate and house candidates and federal congress and senate seats. There will also be several judge seats, public defender, attorney general and some others.

As to the county general part of the election, all the May primary candidates will be on the ballot but all will be unopposed since there were no democrat challengers. The only contested county race will be 2nd district school board seat "A" where Joshua Marler qualified to challenge incumbent William Jenkins.

I don't think any of the state candidates have any primary challenges but will meet their democrat challengers in the November election. I guess the most notable race on the August ballot will be republican Jason Zachary's challenge of long time republican congressman Jimmy Duncan.

Looking even farther out will be the November election. The only reason to mention it at this point is the fact that all three city elections will be in November, Greenback, Lenoir City and Loudon. The first day for candidates who plan to run in the November city elections to pick up their qualifying petitions was last Friday, 5/23/14.

When we get a little closer, I'll do a detailed page on the August election and candidates.