The Next Election

With most of the attention on the upcoming March election, as it should be, one might not be thinking about the next election.

August 2nd, 2012 will be the state primary elections and the county general election. The ballot will consist of our state and US legislators in the primary and locally, the odd numbered district school board members. 

Board members up for reelection will be 1st district Bill Marcus and Scott Newman, 3rd district Lisa Russell, 5th district Gary Ubben and myself and 7th district Craig Simon. Also on the local ballot will be the property assessor but since all candidates for that office are republicans, the winner of of the March primary will be uncontested on the August ballot.

Even though the August election seems a long way off, candidates for any of the offices on the August ballot may begin picking up qualifying petitions today, 2/6/12. All petitions must be returned to the election commission by 12:00 noon April 15th.

It's going to be a busy election year.