Newsless Herald, Ghost Writing

For those six or eight of you out there who still take the News Herald thinking you are actually reading news, you might want to think again. In what has to be one of the biggest meetings the Loudon County Commission has had in a long time, the Newsless Herald failed to send anybody to cover the event yet the top story in Wednesday's paper is all about the meeting. The meeting was concerning a request from Dr. Bob Overholt for twenty million dollars of tax money to finance part of his Town Creek development in Lenoir City. It might not be the fault of the Newsless Herald that they had no coverage of the meeting. Arp's office failed to give any public notice of the meeting. Coincidently, Lenoir City also failed to give public notice of the meeting of the Lenoir City Industrial Board back when they were voting on the proposed plan.

Has the Newsless Herald been cut out of the loop when it comes to important meetings, or are they just doing their part to promote rampant development in Lenoir City? After all, the more businesses there are the more advertisement they might sell. Reporter, Mary Hinds, deserves a lot of credit for the story she wrote. You would think she was right there and interviewing commissioners after the meeting.

The Newsless Herald has apparently folded up it's tent when it comes to reporting important news to the people of Loudon County. To write a front page, top of the fold story on a topic with no mention that they didn't even have a reporter at the meeting is at the least, disingenuous and at the worst just plain dishonest.  Where is the outrage, where is the indignation from the Herald superiors that our local governments are so comfortable with blatantly violating the law?

The Newsless Herald might give some consideration to posting a disclaimer in big bold print on all their papers;

"The Stories You Read In This Paper
May Or May Not Be Accurate."