New Traffic Pattern
TDOT has announced that it will be opening new lanes on the bridges over the Tennessee River and the Tellico Canal tomorrow, Thursday, January 11 at 8AM.  Expect minor delays.  Drivers should use extra caution and allow more time until the new traffic pattern becomes familiar.

For traffic moving from the intersection of Highway 321 and Highway 11 to Tellico Village and to Maryville there will be one lane on the bridges over the railroad tracks, the Tennessee River and the Tellico Canal.  On the Tennessee River Bridge the left lane, next to the concrete barrier in the center, will be open.  The right lane on the new bridge over the Tellico Canal will also be open.
For traffic moving from Maryville to Lenoir City the left lane of the old Tellico Canal Bridge will be the only lane open.  That single lane will continue until the Tennessee River Bridge where both lanes will be open to the Highway 11 intersection.

Future Work - the construction barrels that you have seen along Highway 321 through Lenoir City will be used at night to direct traffic into a single lane while utility lines are rerouted.  Following the completion of that work, work will begin, at night, to expand the intersection of Highway 321 and Highway 11.  There will be two left turn lanes and two through lanes in all four directions.  A third lane will be added to Highway 321 from that intersection to Simpson Road (there is a Burger King on that corner).