New property needed for Fire & Rescue

“Well, there was no sewer and due to it being all filled dirt there the septic system wasn’t an option either,” Bradshaw said. “So there’s just — you’d spend a lot more to get prepping than it would be to build a building.”
Commission, during its December meeting, unanimously agreed to contribute $43,750 out of the general fund to help Fire & Rescue purchase the land. The 1.64 acres had a total cost of $87,500. Loudon County Fire & Rescue would have paid the balance.
“Of course, what they’re trying to do is stay as centrally located as they can,” Commissioner Van Shaver said. “The justice center was very center. This was still very center, right on the side of the intersection. It would have been a fantastic spot, but I guess that’s why that property was really inexpensive as property goes on a major intersection.”
The money will now roll back into the general fund, Bradshaw said.
“That money will just roll back and then if they find another parcel of property they’ll be able to come back and ask us again to consider the match and that sort of stuff and depending on what the circumstances are, it seems to me the commission is pretty good to want to assist the rescue squad with any of their projects,” Shaver said. “So I suspect the commission will be more than open to consider whatever their next project might be.”
Bradshaw said Fire & Rescue Chief Bill Hart already has his eye on a couple of properties in the same area. Specific locations could not provided.
“Hopefully one of those will work out and we’ll be able to jump right back in there and help with that property as well and get it going again,” Bradshaw said.
Fire & Rescue has five stations in the county. Plans are to eventually relocate the Sugarlimb Road station when future expansion of Loudon County Jail is needed.
Michael Hodge, assistant chief with Fire & Rescue, could not be reached for comment by News-Herald presstime.