New Principals Announced

Loudon fills top school positions

Several new hires coming from nearby counties

By Lola Alapo
Loudon County parents and students next year will see new administrators, several of whom are coming from surrounding counties.

Director of Schools Jason Vance on Friday announced the appointment of three principals, an assistant director of schools, an instructional supervisor and an assistant principal.

"It's been a really busy transition, but I'm really excited about the new direction that we're headed," he said. "I think it's going to be great for kids."

The district has nine schools.

Michael Casteel will be the new leader at North Middle School. He stepped down this spring as Maryville High School principal.

He replaces Tim Berry, who is returning to the classroom to teach science at Loudon High School.

Barbara Bradley will be the new principal at Greenback School. She's formerly a special education supervisor and director of schools in Ohio and has worked in Tennessee with Battelle for Kids as part of the First to the Top Initiative.

She's replacing Joey Breedlove, who also is going back to the classroom and will teach math at Fort Loudoun Middle School.

Michael Garren will be the new assistant director of schools, taking the position vacated by Vance, who in April was appointed to run the school system.

Garren was formerly Title I/Instructional Supervisor for Monroe County Schools.

Eaton Elementary Principal Jennifer Malone will be the district's technology supervisor and middle school instructional supervisor.

The current Eaton assistant principal, Melanie Amburn, will replace Malone. Amburn has named Ashley Talley as her new assistant principal. Talley recently was honored by the International Society of Technology in Education as a teacher of the year.

Press Release from Loudon County Schools

It is an exciting time for Loudon County Schools as new director of schools Jason Vance focuses on hiring key members of his administrative team.  “  It takes a team effort to educate our students.  We are working daily to move our district from good to great.  In Loudon County we have an outstanding group of parents, students, teachers, community leaders, and an extremely dedicated school board and commission that are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful,” Vance stated.

Loudon County Schools will have a different look this year as Vance has hired a new assistant director, technology/6-8 instructional supervisor, principal for Eaton Elementary School, principal for North Middle School, and principal for Greenback school.  While some of the faces will be new, other faces are taking on new responsibilities.  However, the goal is always the same according to Director Vance “move our students forward academically and socially in order to achieve their greatest potential.”

Michael Garren will serve as the Assistant Director ofSchools in Loudon County.  Mike’s recent experiences with First to the Top, Federal Programs, budgets, data analysis, high school supervision, state testing and reforming targeted schools will be a huge asset to the Loudon County team.  Mike formerly served as Title/Instructional Supervisor in Monroe County.

Jennifer Malone will change roles and lead all schools as the technology supervisor as well as serve as middle school instructional supervisor.  Jennifer has been recognized recently by the TDOE with the Education Consumers Foundation Value-Added Achievement award.  Her knowledge of effective teaching strategies and effective school leadership will benefit all of Loudon County schools.

Melanie Amburn will take the role of principal at Eaton Elementary School.  She has been the assistant principal at EES for the past eight years.  A proven instructional leader, Melanie is prepared to continue the lead to the school and achieve at the highest level of expectation.  Mrs. Amburn has recently named Ashley Talley as her assistant principal.  Ashley has been honored recently by ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education) as a teacher of the year.   

Barbara Bradley will serve as the new principal at Greenback School.  Barbara’s leadership background includes experiences as a director of schools, assistant director of schools, special education supervisor, and gifted coordinator in the state of Ohio.  Barbara has worked in the state of Tennessee as a School Improvement Specialist with Batelle for Kids as a part of the First to the Top initiative. 

Michael Casteel will lead North Middle School as its principal.  Michael brings a vast amount of administrative experience to Loudon County Schools ranging from principal and assistant principal experience in Maryville City Schools.  His skills with implementing innovative technology, working with students with disabilities, and accelerating advanced learners will benefit all students at North Middle School. 

New principals will be setting up meetings with their respective faculty and staffs as soon as possible to begin planning for the new school year.  Principals will also be hosting community meet and greet sessions at their schools as an opportunity for parents and students to get to know them and their staff.  Many times this is done in the form of an open house after school starts.  All Loudon County Schools have an open door policy for parents or community members to ask questions or learn about student expectations.