Big News For LC

Back in 2014, TDOT officials held a public hearing in Lenoir City to present a proposal to completely revamp Lenoir City's busiest intersection. The intersection of Hwy. 321 and Hwy. 11 is to be widened turn lanes added and all the improvements that would relieve all the congestion. Problem was, there was no funding for the project and probably wouldn't be for years.

On Monday Gov. Bill Haslam  proposed new spending on Tennessee roads. Haslam's budget amendment includes directing $12 million to the state's highway fund on top of the $130 million he had proposed earlier this year. About $42 million of that total would be spent on the transportation needs of cities and counties.

As I understand from State Representative Jimmy Matlock, one of the projects that has been added to the list to be funded this year is the Hwy. 321 and Hwy. 11 intersection improvements. If Haslam's budget amendment is approved, Matlock said the project could go to bid before the end of this year. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

The improvements that were presented back in 2014 would include double turn lanes from all four approaches, double through lanes on all four approaches, full signalization and walkways.

Several properties will be affected by the widening including Lenoir City Chrysler's used car lot and Marty's Auto Sales. But the property affected the most will be the dentist office on the north west corner. It will have to be torn down. Rose Street and First Ave. will also be impacted with restricted access to 321 and Broadway. Again, these were the plans presented back in 2014. I can only assume that TDOT plans to use the same design.