Mystery Solved

About a year ago I had a story about the history of Highland Park School. Link Below.  The only thing the story didn't address was where the schools name came from. Well, that mystery has been solved.

Highland Park alumna and supporter, Margie Sartin, finally found the answer. See her note below.

Recently I talked with Don Pardue.  He was telling of attending Highland Park back in the 30ís and 40ís .  He said when the school was being built on the present sight, area residents were given an opportunity to submit a name for the school.  Amos Thacker submitted the name Highland Park and it was chosen.  Mr. Thacker thought that a fitting name because the school was to set up on the big hill.  Amos Thacker was the maternal grandfather of Don. 

So now we know. From Fouteville School to Highland Park School.

Highland Park History