Myers' Father Arrested

Special To The Daily Edition-Party Rape Takes Suspicious Turn With Trailer Fire

Daily Edition-A Loudon County man has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor in connection with the rape of a juvenile female that occurred at his residence this past weekend.  Barry Thomas Myers, 44 was charged by Investigator Charles Cosner, LCSO CID.

Myers was set to be free from his furlough in the federal prison system.  Myers was convicted of a felon in possession of a firearm after shooting at this son a couple of years ago after being charged by the AFT and Loudon County Sheriff's Department. Prior to that, Myers was convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine.

Detective Cosner stated, "We have charged three with rape, and another charge stemming from the rape.  The case is still under investigation to determine additional charges and if others were involved."
Barry Myers is reported to have given his 15 year old son beer and there was evidence of alcoholic beverages throughout the residence.
Myers' residence at 2242 Davis Ferry Road, Loudon was discovered ablaze and was declared a total loss Wednesday morning.  Meyers is currently incarcerated in the Blount County jail serving the remainder of his federal sentence before being brought to Loudon County to face the contributing charges.
Investigator Jeff Russell, LCSO CID is investigating the fire.  Investigator Russell stated "At this time, the fire is being investigated for the cause and origin to determine whether it was arson or not."
Due to the residence, a double wide trailer owned by Barry Thomas Myers, being surrounded by trees and the fire having occurred at night, it was not reported for several hours.  Upon arrival, the trailer was fully engulfed and was a total loss.
There was no one at home at the time of the blaze.
Investigator Lt. Patick Upton, LCSO CID stated, "At this point we have conducted several interviews in both cases, and with the suspicious activity and nature of the fire, we're investigating it as arson until we determine something different."
Sheriff Tim Guider said, "This is a very disgusting crime for this young lady.  I feel confident our investigative team will charge everyone who was involved appropriately.  We will do everything possible to ensure this young lady receives justice."
In reference to the fire, Sheriff Guider stated, "It would be awfully coincidental if the two incidents are not related, so we're investigating it as arson."
Barry, Myers' son, Brandon Thomas Myers, 19, is currently charged with rape along with two juvenile males.  Brandon is under a $25,000 bond and his father should be joining him on Friday when he is transferred from Blount County.