For My Protection II

Monday I reported to you about the new ORNL gun free zone policy. Like any good, 2nd amendment supporter, I wrote to ORNL management to voice my opposition. As you might suspect, their response was just the usual, canned reply filled with misstatements.  See My letter and the ORNL reply below.
I recently noticed that my local ORNL branch in Lenoir City had posted signs prohibiting legal gun carry permit holders from carrying their weapons in the building.
I was very disappointed to see ORNL had made that decision. The sign says, For Your (My) Protection. How exactly is forcing me to be disarmed helping my protection?
Attempting to disarm legally armed, law abiding citizens is a ridiculous way to claim you are providing protection to your customers. In fact, quiet the contrary. Your gun free zone regulation has now eliminated my protection.
By eliminating my legal right to defend myself in your facility, you are now responsible and liable for my protection. Should we assume you now plan to provide armed security in your facilities to protect us?
If I'm not mistaken, it's already illegal to rob banks with knives and guns. Do you really believe that posting a sign prohibiting weapons in your facility would deter anyone with criminal intent?
This is an unsafe world we live in. People coming and going at any financial institution are always subjected to the possibility of being accosted by bad elements. This possibility is greatly enhanced now that the bad guys know when anyone leaving your facility will be unarmed.
Our family would appreciate it if your organization would reconsider this erroneous decision. 
Van & Sarah Shaver   

Mr. and Mrs. Shaver,

Thank you for taking the time to share your views regarding ORNL Federal Credit Unionís recently implemented policy prohibiting weapons inside our facilities. 

As a member owned cooperative, ORNL Federal Credit Unionís management encourages and appreciates the perspectives of our members.   I can assure you that this decision was made only after considering all points of view and is based upon our attempt to balance the interests of both our members and our employees.  

By law credit unions management is required to implement a security program, and ORNL Federal Credit Union believes that this policy is an appropriate part of meeting that duty.  

While we respect the rights of our members, employees and the general public under the Second Amendment, we like many other business establishments are exercising our statutory right to prohibit weapons inside our facilities as provided at Tennessee Code Annotated Section  39-17-1359. 

Please be assured that we recognize the rights of citizens with valid permits to keep weapons in their vehicle on credit union property as long as the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated Section 39-17-1313 are met.  We appreciate you being a member of ORNL Federal Credit Union and thank you again for sharing your views. 

Thank You,

Ashley Weaver

Call Center, Live Chat Operator
Online Accounts Processor
ORNL Federal Credit Union

I can't say I was surprised by their response. These kind of people always have the same response and always based on no facts. Of course I had to respond to their response and their vise president responded to me with the same baseless arguments. See Below.

I appreciate your reply, however like every other anti 2nd Amendment right argument, your position holds no water.

You failed to answer a couple of direct questions pertaining to your new policy.
(1) You do know that by depriving me of my legal right to self protection, you are now liable and legally responsible for mine and my family's safety? Do you plan to staff each branch with armed security?
(2) Isn't it already illegal to rob banks with knives and guns? Do you believe that posting a sign prohibiting weapons in your facility would deter anyone with criminal intent? 
Contrary to how most gun control supporters think, those of us who legally carry weapons do not see ourselves as Rambo's or Clint Eastwood's. We don't see ourselves blazing away at bad guys or saving the day with marksmanship.
We do however choose not to be a victim cowering under a desk or table waiting to be killed because we have no way to protect ourselves.
Not only has your new policy not made your facilities safer for your members and employees, your new policy has put them in much greater danger.
With the fact that all mass shootings have taken place in gun free zones, logic would seem to dictate that "gun free" only applies to law abiding citizens.
We again would ask that this dangerous policy be reexamined and repealed for the safety and well being of members and employees alike.
Thank You
Van & Sarah Shaver 

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shaver Ė Your concerns have been forwarded to T. Wayne Hood, our Senior Vice President and General Counsel.  Please see his response below.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shaver Ė As the member of the Credit Unionís executive team that oversees our Security Department I am responding to your recent e-mails. 

The Credit Union respects and  appreciates your right to disagree with our policy regarding weapons in our branches.  I do not think it would be productive to engage in a point by point debate over your objections. 

I will say that this policy was given very careful consideration at the highest level of our organization.  Credit Union management believes this policy is an appropriate way to minimize the potential for the escalation of violence in our branches, and that it creates an appropriate balance for the protection of our members and our employees. 

Tennessee law expressly allows businesses to enact these restrictions, and we are one of many businesses that have chosen to exercise that right.   

T. Wayne Hood

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

ORNL Federal Credit Union

Mr. Hood is correct that Tennessee law does expressly allow them to enact this restriction. But Tennessee law doesn't expressly require folks to do business with them.

Below is a better sign for ORNL to put in their front window. It much better explains their policy.