My Opponent II

Developer Mark White Protesting the Adequate Schools Facility Tax

We've all heard to old Shakespearean phrase, "Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows." Well, this one may be for the books. Local developer Mark White has joined in the 5th district School Board race. Mr. White is apparently working hard to reelect my opponent,  Ms. Klinstiver. White has been seen putting out and distributing Klinstiver signs all around the 5th district. White was even spotted delivering a couple of signs at the back door at LCUB. He has also made several calls in support of his candidate. The strange thing is, White doesn't even live in the 5th district. He resides on Ft. Loudoun Lake in the 6th district.

A 6th district developer supporting a 5th district School Board candidate isn't in itself so unusual, but given the rest of the facts makes it a bit odd. In 2006 when the Commission was debating and ultimately passed the Adequate Schools Facility Tax, developer Mark White led the opposition to the tax. He along with several other developers attended several meetings to protest the Tax. The Adequate Schools Facility Tax is a one dollar per square foot tax placed on all new residential construction. All proceeds generated by the tax go directly to the Loudon County School System. The developers, led by White, strenuously objected to the tax, concerned that it would cut into their profits.

The Adequate Schools Facility Tax was passed for the benefit of the schools. It was strongly supported by the Loudon County Board of Education including Mrs. Klinstiver. So the facts are, an out of district developer who vigorously opposed the Adequate Schools Facility Tax is supporting a School Board candidate who supported the Adequate Schools Facility Tax. The last time School Board members got involved with a developer, the taxpayers got stuck with two million dollars worth of useless land.

A word of caution to my friend/opponent. Developers like White do nothing out of the goodness of their hearts. They expect a return on their investment. Any elected official who hitches their wagon to special interests will ultimately be expected to pay the piper. Who knows ... maybe White has another great land deal for the School Board?