My Opponent

As most of you already know, in the August election I am running for a seat on the Loudon County Board Of Education. More specifically, I am running for seat "B" in the fifth district. The seat is currently held by June Klinstiver. By all accounts, Mrs. Klinstiver is a very nice person. Unfortunately, being a very nice person does not necessarily make one the best qualified to serve on the school board.

In 2004, Mrs. Klinstiver was elected to the school board with 246 votes. She was unopposed in the election. A look at her voting record and time on the board is a fair way to better understand why just being a nice person does not necessarily make one the best qualified to serve on the school board.

  • One of the most notorious and well documented blunders the current board has made was the infamous 321 land deal where the board paid an extra $900,000.00 for a terrible piece of land. Not only did Mrs. Klinstiver vote for the deal, she seconded the motion to buy the land.
  • The school board has been in a constant battle with the State Fire marshal's office over life safety issues with renovations at Loudon High School and other county school maintenance projects. At one BOE meeting, it was suggested that the board meet with the fire marshal to discuss the issues. Ms Klinstiver stated "You won’t help yourselves," she warned. She said the better plan was to keep a low profile and just wait him out. "They’ll aim at another county soon," (Source News Herald)
  • Voted for the Ameresco debacle. This was a four million dollar deal where the company, Ameresco, would change out much of the HVAC, lights, water fountains, etc. in the schools in an effort to save energy.
  • Recently, Mrs. Klinstiver voted to hire a construction firm even though there was no building plan nor funding for one.
  • Voted to buy out school director Edward Headlee's contract even though he had less than ten months before retirement.
  • Voted to retain school maintenance coordinator, Dave Hemelright, even though he had been removed from dealing with school maintenance issues dealing with the state fire marshal.
  • Voted to grant tenure to a teacher who had recently been arrested for DUI.
  • Voted for a 138 million dollar building program.
  • Voted against building a new school at Greenback.
  • Voted to hire a consultant to interview potential director candidates.
  • Voted to pay the new director 20k more, $115,000.00, than the out going director.
  • Attended the 2008 board "retreat" in Gatlinburg. ($6,000.00)
  • Voted for supporting property tax increase.
  • Voted for supporting sales tax increase.
  • Voted to spend $175,000.00 for bleacher renovations at Loudon High School.
  • Voted to support the $50 wheel tax. (6/26/08)

The list could go on but the point is made. Mrs. Klinstiver has consistently and repeatedly voted and taken positions on issues that were counterproductive for the schools and the tax payers of Loudon County.