Musings on politics, mercury, drugs

Teresa Stang, Lenoir City Letter

Some musings:

The recent passage of the two-month extension by Congress of the Social Security payroll tax is a 2 percent difference. The rate in January and February will be at 4.2 percent instead of resuming the 6.2 percent rate. President Barack Obama stated, "Because of this agreement, every working American will keep his or her tax cut about $1,000 for the average family." A thousand dollars means the average family's annual income is $300,000. You do the math 2 percent for two months.

There is concern regarding mercury as evidenced by the series of recent articles in the News Sentinel, yet the government and environmentalists want us to use fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs contain mercury. As these "green" alternatives are used and then discarded, landfills will eventually be mercury laden. We didn't fully understand mercury back then, but we do now.

Some view drug testing those who receive government money as intrusive. However, in most cases a drug test must be passed to secure a job; the paycheck is taxed; the tax provides funding for government spending; welfare and unemployment checks come from the government (taxpayers.) If one must pass a test to be able to work for money, shouldn't one pass a test for money that does not require work?

Attorney General Eric Holder expressed the view that states requiring voters to show some ID is a revival of minority disenfranchisement. New Black Panther Party members wearing military gear and brandishing a nightstick at a Philadelphia polling place on Election Day in 2008 were caught on video. This was a blatant attempt to discourage certain people from voting. A suit was filed against New Black Panther Party weeks before the Obama administration took office. In 2010 Holder's Justice Department dropped all charges. This administration is interested in fair elections?