Moving Day

For most of us, the thought of moving from our home might bring up thoughts of packing boxes, suitcases and U-Haul's. But for Jr. and Missy Waters moving day was literally moving the house day.

Waters and his wife acquired the old farm house that sat along Hwy. 321 just above Bimbos. The task at hand was to move the old house about a half mile to it's new foundation on Bill Smith Road.

The whole move went well and pretty quickly with LCUB, ATT and the Lenoir City Police choreographing the crossing of Hwy. 321. The event turned into quite a spectator spectial as more and more people gathered to watch the process.

After all, it's not every day you see a two story house rolling up Hwy. 321. 

Jr. Waters and son watching their new home coming up 321.