Moving Day

The long awaited county office addition is pretty much done. The project will come in ahead of schedule and well under budget. That doesn't happen very often on a government project.

Additional space for county government operations has been debated for several years now. Ideas from moving the board of education out to a new complex had been discussed. In the end, it was decided that a small addition would accommodate county operations for years to come.

The 2300 sq.ft. addition will house the entire finance department along with additional storage and work space. The new facility will have limited access for greater safety and security. The move of the finance dept. will allow the human resource department, the IT department and the purchasing department to expand in the old facility.

The estimated cost of the project was $300,000.00 but the final cost should be around $250,000.00. No existing funds will be needed to pay for the new building nor will any money need to be borrowed. The cost of the building will be offset by revenues from an existing program.