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Republican chairperson: Keep the campaign clean

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Vicky Newman News Herald

The race is on toward the May 4 primary election, and Loudon County is not without contenders.

As is the party's tradition, the Loudon County Republican Party's candidates for posts in upcoming elections were introduced Saturday in a reception at Loudon County Courthouse, attended by a standing room only crowd.

Before the introductions began, Sarah Bledsoe, Loudon County Republican Party chairperson, cautioned contenders to conduct themselves with honor and dignity. "Any political campaign can get ugly, but let's don't have dirty politics. There is no need for name calling, and some of that is already going on. If you're doing it, stop. I don't like it, and a lot of others don't like it either," she said. "When the May 4 primary is over, as good, true Republicans, we are bound to support our winners. These people would not be out here if they did not think they had something to contribute and we are going to support our winners."

Candidates in each election were allowed to briefly address the crowd, but most spoke only a few sentences, introducing themselves by name and informing the audience of the post they seek.

Republican candidates include:

County Mayor - Estelle Herron, Mark Matlock and Van Shaver. 

County Commission, Dist. 1, Seat A - William Culvahouse, Brian Jenkins, Nancy Marcus and Kevin Walker;

County Commission, Dist. 1, Seat B - David Meers ;

County Commission, Dist. 2, Seat A - Frank Hahn;

County Commission , Dist. 2, Seat B - Austin Shaver;

County Commission, Dist. 3 - Bob Franke;

County Commission, Dist. 4 - Roy Bledsoe, Greg Hackney and Mike Newman;

County Commission, Dist. 5 Seat A -, Harold Duff;

County Commission, Dist. 5, Seat B - Ken Shockley, Sharon Yarborough;

County Commission, Dist. 6 - Steve Harrelson, Dennis Mouldenhauer;

County Commission Dist. 7 - Don Miller;

Trustee - Mike Cartwright, Sherri Colvard, Lanita Drinnen, Cheryl Howards, George Miller, Jimmy Parks and Billy PIckel;

General Sessions Judge - Rex Dale, A. Wayne Henry, Robert Hinton, Poreasche Shantz and Kimberlee Waterhouse;

Sheriff - Steve Cook, Tim Guider;

Circuit Court Clerk - Judy Hines, Lisa Niles;

County Clerk - Nick Bradshaw, Darlene Russell, Angie Vittatoe and Max Wilburn;

Register of Deeds - Jennifer Gamble Jackson, Tracie Littleton;

Road Superintendent - Sean Giles, Gary Kinard and Eddie Simpson.

Sarah Bledsoe said most local candidates, as of Saturday, were in attendance at the reception. However, qualifying continues this week.

The deadline for qualifying is Thursday, Feb. 18, at noon.

For an up-to-date list of all candidates, visit the Web site,