More Nasty Flyers

The Lenoir City council race seems to have brought out the worst in some folks. Tuesday, city residents received a letter in their mail that contained two different flyers dogging two of the candidates. The letters were sent anonymously with a return address of 6000 E Broadway. Of course no such address exists. This is the second time anonymous flyer has been delivered to city residents.

Again, I am not going to publish either of the flyers to help or hurt any of the candidates. Obviously someone feels strongly opposed to some of the candidates running for council and went to a lot of effort and expense to send the letters. It's just too bad they don't have the backbone to stand behind their scurrilous letters.

Here's a little challenge for some of you sleuths out there. Below is one of the envelopes with a close up of the post mark that the letters were delivered in. Can any body figure where it came from? Zip code 37909 is the Middlebrook Pike area. Good Luck.