More Gun Control

Lenoir City officials are again debating on adding more regulations to law-abiding citizens. Now they are deciding whether those with valid gun permits can carry their weapons in various city parks.  I'm sure if Brookshire gets his way a ban will be passed. The council will be voting on the ban at it's September meeting.

In the state of Tennessee if a resident meets all the necessary criteria, takes and passes all mandated classes and tests, that resident will be issued a permit to carry a weapon. Unfortunately the state legislature has left some gun control decisions to local officials. In the case of Lenoir City and Loudon County officials, they have come down on the side of stricter controls. Both governments have already banned the right of a permitted gun owner from carrying their weapons in city buildings and county buildings. 

Leftwing liberals like Brookshire and County Mayor Doyle Arp, thrive on big government and government control of the citizens. They feel they know what's best for everybody. Both Brookshire and Arp have been proponents of strict gun control pushing for the building bans. One thing they don't know or probably don't care about is that when officials ban legal weapon possession in their buildings or properties, it becomes the legal responsibility of those who pass the ban to provide security in their buildings or on those properties. I've noticed no additional security being provided. If, God forbid, something did happen the city/county become liable.

For me, forbidding those with permits to carry a weapon in a city park or a city building would be the same as forbidding someone with a driver licenses from driving between A Street and D Street. It's just about control.

Even though Arp and Brookshire have managed to have guns banned from their respective buildings, how do they know if someone in the building or attending a meeting has a 40 cal. Glock under their shirt or a 380 Bersa in an ankle? Maybe Arp and Brookshire should start frisking everybody.

The constitution giveth and the locals taketh away.