Monkey See?

I noticed a tiny little ad in the News Herald classifieds yesterday that caught my eye. I guess the old saying may be true about monkey see, monkey do.

Looks like the Lenoir City Board Of Education is following the lead of the Loudon County Board Of Education and having themselves a little weekend retreat up in the mountains of Gatlinburg. Not only that, they're even staying in the same upscale motel where the Loudon boys did.

The county BOE went to Gatlinburg a couple of months ago and came back with the grand idea of asking tax payers for two million more dollars for their budget. If the Lenoir City BOE goes up there and has any big ideas, that could spell trouble for Lenoir City tax payers. 

I don't know, maybe I've kind of been all wrong about this. I've always thought it was ridiculous that local officials had to go to the mountains to be able to think up good ideas. Maybe I should try it.

Maybe this weekend I should drive up there and see if I can think any better. I just wonder though, could I just set in the hotel parking lot and do some good thinking or would I actually have to check into the hotel to get the full dose of thinking. Heck, I might even be able to think of a way I could get myself a couple of million dollars.

At least the Lenoir City school system should expect some real improvements after their board members come down off the mountain top with all those great ideas.  We'll see.