Money From Outer Space

Seems during the mayor's race, we've heard a lot about "grant money." Matt Brookshire has touted his ability to get  "grant money" to accomplish all his wondrous achievements for the city.  Liberals like Brookshire would have folks believe that  "grant money" is somehow free money, like it just drops out of outer space. Well guess what? It's not free nor does it come from outer space.

"Grant money" is your tax dollars whether state or federal. No government, local, state or federal produces anything. They have no product to sale and they have no money except what they take from us. Then to try to make us feel better, the government dribbles a little back to us and we're suppose to feel better about it. Kind of like if a mugger robbed you of all your cash then gave you back ten dollars for your trouble.

Liberals and democrats aren't the only ones who like the "FREE" money train. Even some "loyal republicans" who have criticized Barak Obama for destroying the future of our country and the future of our children and grand children with crushing debt are on the take. A number of our loyal republican school board members have bellied up to Obama's free money bar to take his ARRA, American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, grant money.

True conservatives refer to these republicans as RINOs. Republicans in name only. You can't have it both ways. Either what Obama's doing is wrong and bad for the country or it's not. If you take his money you must agree with Obama. 

Anyway, the next time you here a politician bragging about getting grant money, remind them where that "grant " money came from. Your pocket.