The Mexican Solution

I don't normally write on national issues, I figure there's plenty of other sources for that. But recently an idea came to me. I've been watching a program on the National Geographic channel called Border Wars. It's all about the ongoing battle to secure the border between the US and Mexico. A lot of the show centers around US border guards apprehending illegal immigrants sneaking across the border.

Border guards catch the illegal's, take them to a detention center and if no criminal history is found, they're loaded on a bus and taken back to Mexico.  

Except for the drug smugglers, human smugglers, murderers and terrorists, most of the illegal's who are caught are just average Mexicans hoping to make a better living in the US.

Here's what I'm thinking. As the border agents haul all the captured Mexicans back to the border, each one of them should be given a pamphlet that tells the story of the American Revolution. It might just be inspiring to them. By most accounts, the country of Mexico is geographically a pretty good country with a lot of beauty and natural resources.

Anyway, the problem seems to be that Mexico has been taken over by ruthless drug lords and corrupt politicians to the point that average Mexicans just want out. Maybe if they were to read about the American Revolution and how average Americans of the day who were fed up with their corrupt government took matters into their own hands and brought change for the better, they might be inspired to take action.

If all those millions of Mexicans who are so desperate to escape their country would band together in the common cause to take back their country, who knows, in a few years the problem might be Americans trying to sneak into Mexico instead of the other way around.

Our founding fathers could have chosen to flee their fledgling new country when the heat was put on them. But they didn't. They chose to stand and fight for the country they loved and believed in and we know how that turned out.

Surely in all those millions of Mexicans crossing the border, there's a Hosea Washington or a Carlos Franklin or a Garcia Jefferson or a Lupe Adams. What a huge difference they could make in their country and ours.