My wife Sarah and I have reached that point in life, well past middle aged unless I'm going to live to be a hundred and ten but I don't think we're elderly yet. We're in that stage were health and medical issues are a little more noticeable. I guess we're going through many of the same things as many other aging boomers.

One age related situation that has hit us is the dreaded menopause. I hear Sarah and her age alike friends sit around discussing all their menopause related ailments but I never hear them talk about how tough menopause is on the husbands. That's right, we're the ones who suffer.

So you all have a couple of hot flashes, what about us? We're the ones who have to live with this hormone induced nightmare. The bed covers flapping all night, fans blowing all over the house and I don't have a pair of britches that still have a seat in them. The house temperature has to stay at a constant 42 degrees. No heat allowed.

There are a couple of upsides to this saga though. As stated above, we're saving on our electric bill since we can't turn on the heat. Sarah may burn up but I may freeze to death. At least when you get in bed, it's like getting in bed with a life size hot water bottle. I can warm up my poor ol frozen feet real fast.

I'm sure a lot of you who are our age remember the board game Operation. You remember, you had to remove different body parts with a pair of tweezers and if you touched the edge with the tweezers the buzzer went off and the patient's nose lit up. Living with a menopausal woman is a lot like playing Operation. You get too close to the edge, the buzzer's going to go off.

Just remember the next time a gaggle of you ladies are together comparing your menopause symptoms, don't forget, us husbands are suffering too. After all, it is called MENopause not WOMENopause for a reason.