Massengill Out

According to the Loudon County Election Commission, sheriff candidate James Massengill, will not be able to run for the office of sheriff.

Candidates for that office must meet certain required qualifications through the state in order to be eligible. Nashville says Massengill is not qualified. See letter below from Election commission below.

I need to clarify something concerning James Massengill:

Mr. Massengill did file his petition in a timely manner. He did file his paperwork with the post commission by the deadline that POST Commission mandates.  Since that time the POST Commission has notified the Loudon County Election Commission that Mr. Massengill could not be certified by the POST Commission to be placed on the ballot in May.  The Election Commission will meet Thursday, February 27 at 1 P.M. to certify the ballot.  At that time Mr. Massengillís name will not be placed on the ballot because of the POST Commission ruling.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Susan Harrison
Loudon County Election Commission