Massengill's Termination Final

At a short continuation of last Wednesday's Loudon County Merit Board meeting Monday, the board upheld the sheriff's decision to terminate Deputy James Massengill. Massengill had been terminated for failing to properly supervise prisoners under his watch. The board had continued the meeting in hopes to hear testimony from Rick Watson. However Mr. Watson was not available to attend the meeting. After a few minutes of discussion, Chairman, Bob Franke ask if Guider or Massengill either one had any additional statements for the board. Both declined. Chairman Franke then told the board he would entertain a motion from the board. Commissioner Gardin made the motion to to uphold the sheriff's decision to terminate stating , it was one of the hardest decisions he had ever made. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Miller. All three members then voted yes to uphold the sheriff's decision. The meeting was then adjourned.

Immediately after the meeting Mr. Massengill shook hands with each member of the board and the sheriff before he left. Massengill can appeal the decision of the board to chancery court if he chooses. Massengill had been with the sheriff's dept. for 27 years.