Strike Continues

In what could only be considered a tense situation, Maremont workers continue their strike against the company that many have worked for years. With out of state paid security guarding the gate, workers continue their picketing. Feeling that the new owners of the company have given them no choice, the striking employees say they are in it for the long hall. Much of the media coverage has focused on the massive increases the company is demanding for the employee's portion of insurance premium with a lack of pay increase to off set it. But most workers are also disturbed by the possible loss of seniority if laid off.   The contract that was rejected by employees would allow that if an employee were laid off for what ever reason, when and if that employee were rehired they would be rehired as a new hire at a much lower starting pay and would lose all previously earned seniority. Workers feel this would open the door for company officials looking to cut overhead to call for layoffs then rehire those same employees at lower pay. If those laid off employees did not return at the lower pay rate, company officials could then replace them with even lower paid workers.

Nearly three dozen of the striking employees have been sighted to court Monday morning to show cause before Chancellor Williams for their decision to strike. The judge could order the workers back to work.

It certainly appears that now company owner, Texas millionaire Kenneth Banks, is determined to cut costs with little regard to the devastating impact those cuts will have on the many workers who have invested so many years in their company. We applaud the workers commitment and dedication to their cause and hope that owners will accept that his employees are good and decent people and need to be allowed to earn a living wage. Click Here For News Herald Story.   Click Here For News Sentinel Story


Dale Smallen
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