Marcus Rips Greenback

Apparently carrying on the family tradition, county commissioner Nancy Marcus left no doubt of her opposition to a new school for Greenback. Leaving her seat as a county commissioner and addressing the commission from the public podium as a "tax payer" Marcus set out on a forty-five minute diatribe explaining all the reasons she opposes a new K-12 school for the nearly 700 students in Greenback.

At Monday's commission workshop, Ms. Marcus reading from a prepared statement quoted a host of questionable facts and figures she claimed showed that the Greenback school really wasn't nearly as bad as everyone had made it out to be. She suggested the money being considered for a new Greenback school would be better used if divided up and spent on other schools.

Ms. Marcus even suggested that there might be "a person, group of people or organization sustaining a propaganda campaign to make Greenback School appear to be in such horrible condition that all students must be moved out." Ms. Marcus seems to be insinuating that there could be some kind of conspiracy.

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Ms. Marcus husband Bill is a member of the Loudon County Board Of Education and has consistently voted against the new school in Greenback.