March 23, 2007

Dear Mayor, City Council, and City Employees:

I wish to announce my early retirement from the City of Lenoir City as the Recorder-Treasurer-City Court Clerk.. For the last thirty years, I have tried to serve our citizens with the upmost respect for their tax dollars. There is too much malice and discontent in the offices at city hall. If a person does not go along with the “status quo” then you are an outcast and treated terrible. I was elected as the Recorder-Treasurer for my honesty and integrity and that sort of thing is not popular inside the walls of your building. I do not deserve nor will I continue to be subjected to the uninvited cruelty, disrespect, and discourtesy shown to me by some of the city’s elected officials, public officials, and employees. As you know, my health has not been very good in the last few years, and I have been very stressed with different issues there in the workplace. I feel that waiting until my term is finished would be detrimental to my well being.

I do appreciate the opportunity to serve our community and hopefully there will be a smooth transition when I leave office. I wish to have an audit by the city’s private auditors to make sure the cash and checking accounts are in order. This is a procedure that should be followed to protect the outgoing and incoming Lenoir City Treasurer-Recorder. My official day of retirement will begin on March 26, 2007.


Debbie Cook