Man accused in Lenoir City woman’s shooting death
News Sentinel Staff
WARTBURG, Tenn. — A man who allegedly shot his girlfriend in the back at close range with a 12-gauge shotgun, killing her instantly, had several charges pending against him in Roane and Loudon counties, prosecutors said.

The state had earlier tried to get bond on a theft charge for 36-year-old Erskine Andy Hunt Jr. revoked, Morgan County District Attorney General Russell Johnson said, but a judge didn't grant those requests.

Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen during a hearing this week ordered Hunt's bond revoked, and he is being held in the Loudon County Jail while charges in the Sunday morning slaying of Hunt's girlfriend, Dolly Meyers, 28, are pending.

Meyers of Lenoir City, was shot to death about 6:15 an Oakdale community trailer while three children — ages 16, 14, and 3 — were in a bedroom in the home, Johnson said.

Meyers and Hunt had been arguing in Meyers' mother's residence until they had been asked to leave, Johnson said.

He said the state is waiting to present charges during the Jan, 25 session of the Morgan County Grand Jury. Possible charges include second-degree murder, being a felon and using a firearm, and child endangerment.