Making our Schools Safer, Fire Access Road a MUST!

Road Superintendent Sean Giles Helps out

By Pat Hunter

A  list of cost estimates was presented and discussed at a recent Loudon County Board of Education workshop meeting. The estimates ranged from $16,100, 28,700 to $63,500, to construct an emergency access road to the trailers a/k/a “learning cottages” located at the Loudon Elementary School.

The first estimate was to prepare and construct a 426' x 20' access road with a 6" base of gravel. The total road base is 950 S.Y. est. and the cost was $16,100.

A visit from the State Fire Marshall’s office requires that a 20 foot access road be constructed for emergency vehicles to the numerous trailers next to Loudon Elementary School. The trailers “learning cottages” may not be occupied by students until this road is constructed.

County Road Superintendent Giles Helps out Schools

Leo Bradshaw commented that he would speak to County Road Superintendent Sean Giles about assisting with the construction of the access road and save taxpayer money. I’ll try buttering him up, said Bradshaw. Bradshaw persuaded Giles to do just that--help out in a pinch.

Road Superintendent Sean Giles seems very amicable and he works well with others. Giles and his road crew completed the fire access road within 3-days. The improvement included a gravel access road, parking area for teachers and a cul-de-sac while saving taxpayers a considerable amount of money.

Sean Giles should be commended for his cooperation and willingness for assisting with this road project. Sean deserves a debt of gratitude for his work and effort in assisting with this matter expeditiously.  

Fire Marshall Comes under Fire!

Ron Jones, with the State Fire Marshall’s office has come under fire by some of our local officials. The State Fire Marshall's office conducted safety inspections and required corrective action to address the numerous deficiencies in our neglected public school buildings.

Mr. Jones and the rest of the Fire Marshall’s department are just doing their jobs. Ensuring that our public school buildings are a safe place for all of our students, teachers, office staff and other support personnel, should be important to all of us. Thank you Mr. Jones.