LUB Member Resigns

LUB member, vice chair submits resignation

Vicky Newman News Herald

Longtime Loudon Utility Board member, Polly Harris, has resigned from the position she has held for 23 years.

Harris' letter of resignation was read to board members Aug. 23, at the regular meeting. Harris was absent from the meeting but will be back for the Sept. meeting, she said. The resignation is effective Oct. 1.

Jack Randolph, LUB chairman, asked Ed Arnold, attorney, to read the letter of resignation.

Randolph, after it was read, said he wished Harris would have agreed to remain on board until her term was completed next spring. "I've been here 25 years, and she has been a great help to me," Randolph said. "She had a lot of expertise we needed; she was a really good asset for LUB. We are going to miss her. I hoped she would stay on through her term next spring, but evidently stuff had come to pass that she couldn't."

Harris, who moved from the LUB service area to Lenoir City two years ago, said she decided it was in the best interest of the LUB for her to vacate the post. "I was hoping to fulfill my commitment," Harris said. "There was no law requiring my resignation, but some people had begun to question it. I decided to go ahead and resign rather than have that be a reflection on LUB."

Harris had served as vice chairman for the board. Randolph made a motion that the vice chairman position be transferred to John Hutton.

The motion, seconded by Michael Cartwright, was approved. Hutton said, "It has been a pleasure working with her. She is sharp on human resources and has done a lot for the board."

Harris said she had been appointed to the position in 1987 by former mayor Harold Amburn. and reappointed each term thereafter. "It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve on this board. I have served with some great people and learned a lot through the years. My specialty was labor relations and labor employment laws," said Harris, who has worked with human resources at Monterey Mushrooms Inc. for 33 years. "The biggest challenge was learning about water and sewer and electric lines and rates."

Harris said she characterized the LUB as a proactive board. "They have always been proactive. The board didn't wait until the last minute to try to take care of something. I think that is a great accomplishment," she said.