LPD Roundup

Drug round-up takes suspected dealers off the streets of Loudon County

The effort to take illegal drugs off the street spelled trouble Tuesday night for several suspected dealers in Loudon County.

Agents from the 9th Judicial Drug Task Force, along with officers from the Loudon County Sheriff's Office, Lenoir City Police Department and Loudon Police Department worked together to round-up about 20 people who were indicted last week on drug charges and other offenses.

"All these people have three, four charges each on them and you know, this happens everyday, and we gotta do something about it," said Steve Cook, Deputy Director of the Drug Task Force.

Loudon County Sheriff Tim Guider agreed. "Its important that the public knows that we are concerned, and that we are trying to make a dent, we are trying to make a difference."

Authorities arrested 17 of the 20 suspects they were looking for.