Loudon Takes A Page From LC Playbook

Taking a page straight from the Lenoir City playbook, Loudon City officials have extended their terms in office by a year and a half. City officials asked for and received a private act from the State Legislators that would move the Loudon City elections to coincide with the November general elections. Council reasoned that holding the city election with the state election would save the city several thousand dollars because the city would not have to pay for the usual June election.

The next city election was to have been June of 2009. However with the passage of the private act, the next city election will not take place till November of 2010 effectively extending the mayor and all council's term by nearly 18 months. Lenoir City officials did exactly the same thing back in 2004 only with a referendum to change the charter which extended their terms. In both instances, city officials claimed the change was all about saving the tax payer's money.

Both Loudon and Lenoir City officials may have over looked one little drawback to moving their elections to coincide with state and national elections. Unlike their elections of the past which were held in June and April respectively, the voter turn out in state and national elections can quadruple the turn out. Candidates will have a much greater challenge to reach voters than ever. Instead of needing a couple hundred votes to get elected, they might need a couple thousand.

For what ever the reasons, the outcome is the same. Terms extended by nearly 18 months.

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