Loudon QB Club repaid stolen $17,000

Former treasurer admits she took money

News Sentinel staff

LOUDON — The Loudon Quarterback Club has been repaid $17,000, following a guilty plea by the youth football group’s former treasurer that she stole money from them.

The treasurer, April Bowen, had “sole authority as treasurer” to use the club’s credit card, which made it difficult to differentiate items legitimately purchased for the club and those purchased for her own personal use, said 9tjth District Attorney General Russell Johnson.

The restitution payment was included in the terms of Bowen’s agreement to plead guilty to a felony theft charge.

Bowen has no prior record, and last week Criminal Court Judge E. Eugene Eblen placed her on a judicial diversion program and two years’ probation after she expressed remorse for her actions.

Johnson said his office and the Quarterback Club shared the “mutual goal…(of restitution and) conviction on the felony charge. The immediate return of $17,000 is something that would never have happened if we were to have gone through a difficult trial arguing the hundreds of items in numerous purchases.”

More details as they develop online and in Tuesday’s News Sentinel.