Loudon mayor ratchets up talk on schools administration relocation

Loudon chief says she'll take legal action

Hugh G. Willett knoxnews.com

LOUDON — The battle over moving the Loudon County school system offices out of the County Office Building could go from push to shove after the May 6 primary election.
Mayor Estelle Herron told county commissioners during an April 15 committee meeting that she was ready to take legal action to move the schools out if she is re-elected.
“And I promise you if they’re not moving and if I get elected, I will go to the sheriff and get me an eviction notice,” she said. “I promise you.”
The decision of whether to move the schools offices and where to move them has been stalled since February when school board attorney Chuck Cagle suggested in a workshop that the County Commission’s actions in ordering and funding the move might not be legal.

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