Loudon law enforcement gets body cameras
WVLT-TV -If you're in Loudon County and you run into an officer, you may think he's the only one who can see you. But you'd be wrong. It's new technology that gives law enforcement an better insight on crimes, and it clips right on their uniform.

This is body cam video from a Loudon Police officer sweeping a local store for burglars. City of Loudon Police Kent Russell says, "I like the case that I've got somebody backing me up all the time, and it just happens to be a camera."

Kent Russell has one on his chest at all times. Officers tell me they come in handy because they record areas their dash cams can't.

City of Loudon Police Sgt. Robert Newman says, "If you're inside a house in a domestic situation or burglary or anything like that, you have that camera rolling. So it's seeing all those things the officer is seeing."

Officer Russell tells me the cameras help in court cases too, "They almost don't want to prosecute something if you don't have a video on."

The Loudon County Sheriff's Department recently bought 19 cameras.
They use them extensively in the schools. All school resource officers are equipped with them. They're also used for transporting inmates and on patrol. The City of Loudon tells me the cameras also help keep officers on their best behavior. Sgt. Newman says, "Some officers look and see was I rude or wasn't or did I go above and beyond to make sure I did my job accordingly."

Russell says, "We've had several people who said we were abusive, but when you pull the video it's not the case."

Loudon City Police say the body cams may eventually replace dash cam videos.