Loudon High School expected to open on time


Loudon County Superintendent of Schools Edward Headlee said Wednesday he is optimistic that Loudon High School will be open on time next week.

The 40-year-old high school building was temporarily closed after an inspection by the state fire marshal discovered a number of code violations and small repairs that had to be made before the building could be used by students.

“We have hired additional crews and they will be working this week to make the repairs on the fire marshal’s list,” Headlee said.

Some of the mandated repairs are as simple as fixing a broken tile. Others, such as adding a fire door to a glass wall, are more complex and will require more time, Headlee said.

The fire marshal has agreed to give the county more time to fix the complex problems, such as the fire door, making it much easier to meet the deadline for next Wednesday’s first day of school, he explained.

“The fire marshal will inspect the school next Tuesday,” he said. “I’m optimistic that we will have addressed all the items by that time.”

In response, the Loudon County Board of Education on Wednesday provided $76,500 out of its emergency reserve fund for the needed repairs

The board is confident that the repairs will be done but will make a final decision Friday.

If the repairs cannot be finished in time, the high school opening will be moved to Aug. 13.